Elementor #75

Our grading & authentication services are far more advanced then being a Sneakerhead or Self-
described expert. Even with 15 years in the hobby. Good knockoffs can slip passed. That personal touch
of an experienced sneaker connoisseur is priceless for grading a sneaker and estimating value. For
knowing if a sneaker is Authentic, we use science. We maintain an incredible database of known
authentic sneakers from a large community of sneaker enthusiast. The database is a collection of
photos, notes and descriptions but more importantly a scan of Chemical Composition done by our
in house chemical engineer using a laser mass spectrometer. Our patented algorithm uses these
data points of the scan, descriptions and photos to decide if the sneaker is indeed authentic. Using this
method, we can be sure a sneaker as authentic. We guarantee results of our patented process.
After certifying your sneaker as authentic we place a holographic tamper proof plate with Serial number,
sneaker grade and the month and year. A certificate of authenticity and grading will be issued matching
the information on the sneaker.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to have clients stopping by or mailing us sneakers
wholesale. Our services are for the serious sneaker head, sneaker connoisseur or exclusive retail
provider. This is the only way to maintain our impeccable reputation.

Please contact us if you require our services we can discuss options, provide references and pricing.
We also offer in house grading for large collections with a Discount if we are allowed to collect a scan
and photos of any sneakers we do not have in our current database.
Thank you for your understanding and patience. We look forward to serving you .